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Core Values

Library Core Values

The daily purposes of each CISD library

Academic Achievement:  we provide a quality library program that results in improved student academic achievement.

Access For All:  we provide equitable and universal access to all people at Central ISD and in the Pollok community.

Reading: we encourage and engage students and staff to read, view, and listen for understanding and enjoyment.

Lifelong Learning: we teach skills and habits of “learning how to learn” so that students become self-reliant, independent, and responsible.

Technology: we embrace and implement technology, and teach students to use it responsibly and effectively.

Information Literacy: we assist students in accessing information efficiently and effectively.

Innovation:  we investigate, initiate, and implement new ideas that will effectively prepare students for life.

Intellectual Freedom: we promote, develop, and facilitate age-appropriate access to all expressions of knowledge, opinion, and intellectual activity.