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Matthew May » Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

Welcome to Central ISD! 
Hello my name is Mr. May and I am one of the two 7th grade Math teachers for the 2017-2018 year.  I am excited as this year begins and look forward to educating your child. Throughout the course of the year our students will learn a ton as 7th Grade Math is very intense. While it can be frustrating, I believe it can be equally fun. My goal is to make my instruction as engaging as possible and to present it with the enthusiasm and relevance it merits as concepts taught in 7th grade math continue to serve as a framework for success in the latter grades and in their everyday life as citizens for the future.  Some concepts taught in 7th grade made include percentages, adding/subtracting fractions, understanding and using positive and negative numbers, figuring area, surface area, volume, probability and solving one and two step equations. 

Classroom Rules & Expectations
Classroom Rules:
3 R's- 3 Simple Rules
Respectful- to the other students, peers, and myself.
Responsible- to themselves (do your work, keep up with your stuff.)
Righteous- do that which is right even when noone else is looking. 
Classroom Expectations:
Homework will rarely be given except what is not completed in class. Typically enough classroom will be allotted for work. At times test reviews will be given as homework as classroom time may not be ample.
Students will keep journals with foldables that facilitate learning and understanding of content. Typically these journals will remain in the classroom unless they are needing extra help and wanting to take them home and study them. Students will keep their work and notes in the math tab (divider) of their binder. Students are expected to have notebook paper and pencils every day when coming to class prepared to succeed. 
*Students will also maintain agenda requirements as common for Central Middle School per Central ISD Administration.*
Conference Time- I am available to meet during my lunch or conference/planning periods from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM everyday. Feel free to stop by anytime you have questions or concerns or would just like to meet me and see what your student is doing in class. All I ask is that you send me notice ahead of time to confirm the appointment and so that I ensure I am most available to meet with you at that time. You may contact me at maym@centralisd.com
About Me:
I am married and am expecting a child in April. My wife is a teacher here in the community (formerly Miss Harris of 1st Grade at Central Elementary). In my free time I enjoy fishing (bass hunting), hunting, playing with my dogs, playing guitar, mandolin, etc. and youth ministry.
Thank you for reading about me and the classroom and taking initiative to be involved in the education of your child. I look forward to working with you and your child to help them become the best they can be. Go Bulldogs!