Bluebonnet Reading List
Each year, 20 books are chosen for the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List. Schools and libraries around the state participate in the program, encouraging students to read a minimum of five books from the list. In January, students in grades 3-6 vote for their favorite title. The master list of 2021-2022 Bluebonnet books are presented below.
Lone Star Reading List
The 2021-2022 Texas Lone Star List is compiled by Texas librarians to encourage students in grades 6-8 to read a variety of current books.
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Links to Libraries


(online collection of talking books)
(K-6 math eBook collection)
(online collection of nonfiction books for science and social studies)
(online collection of paired fiction and nonfiction books)
Lufkin Daily News
(best websites for study/research)
Brain Pop 
(movies, games, quizzes on all subjects)
YA Series Order 
(find the next book in a series)
Teacher Resources
United Streaming (streaming videos for the classroom)
(teaching & learning with the New York Times)
(video and audio to bring books to life)